Monday, June 2, 2008

Problem of Calling TStatConnectorCharacterDevice from Delphi 7

Hello everybody, nice to meet you all. For long time i didnt add my post yet. Now im trying to write my correspondence via email with Mr. Guy Yollin, he s great programmer from US. This about TStatConnectorCharacterDevice.

He sent me mail and wrote, 'My experience using R and Delphi is i always face failure when i called TStatConnectorCharacterDevice. It s so different when i used TStatConnectorGraphicDevice,TStatConnectorGraphicDevice very great!!!
But i never imagine that my key of failure is just only the case sensitives thinks

That s the greatest stuff of me as soft-computing statistician that'.

So for you that faced problem like Mr. Guy Yollin (problem accessing
TStatConnectorCharacterDevice from delphi), here is the unit from Mr. Guy,

You can download this unit at this url click here.
The password is 'indonesia'.

Ok everybody, i bet that's enough clear. Have a nice statistical computing.


Statistika ITS 2002

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